Tcl/Tk references of interest to Cameron Laird

Paul Duffin writes, "Tcl is to my mind the ultimate 'Jack of all Trades' language."

Until I rewrite this page, feel free to browse recent publications or a listing of the principal Tcl-related documents at this site.

[This page will be completely overhauled sometime before 2001.]

New topical index

Incidentally, Larry Virden reminds everyone to

remember to let the Tcl bibliographer know about your papers, the Tcl commercial apps FAQ maintainer know about your commercial applications using Tcl and the other Tcl FAQ maintainers know about your tcl / tk tips and your internet resources - software, WWW pages, etc.


Current projects

Services I aim to embed portably by way of Tcl

Tcl facilities I often need, but whose addresses I keep losing

Agents in Tcl

How current is Agent Tcl? I'm not sure; so far, I've been writing my own agents.

Binary data

Can Tcl handle binary data? No; that is, out of the box, there was no straightforward representation of binary data before the 8.0 release. Among the expedients the FAQ mentions, I most admire Laurent Demailly's TclBin.

Data bases

NeoSoft archive of database extensions

Also of personal interest: an old list of free DBMSs, Msql, and Postgres95


Picasso, gd


Elsbeth, jedit, tkedit, xtexsh


Getopts is a bit buggy, as I remember, but easy to correct. Evaluate Parameters is advertised to be a "super getops", with type checking, help on three levels, embeddability, ... [lots of other stuff, including dev notes] [cmdline in tcllib; optcl; clig; opt; ...]

GUI builders

tclgui; Xf

Help systems

A tcl-only package designed for HTML-based help systems. [mumble, mumble] SpecTcl [mumble, mumble]

MiniHelp supports hyperlinks and text formatting

Java, in relation to Tcl

These are the people I know putting Java together with Tcl in a public way: It is a good idea, by the way, to combine Java and Tcl; Java enthusiasts shouldn't worry that this diminishes their favorite.

Listbox decorations

synchronized listboxes; other synchronized listboxes; more-than-one selection for multiple listboxes


Signal Extension

[Explain TclX.]


stuff I need to re-organize

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