Cameron Laird's personal notes on OpenVMS-hosted Tcl

Angel Li has done more with Tcl under OpenVMS than anyone else I know. While his explanatory text only mentions Tcl7.5, in fact he's completed ports through Tcl/Tk8.0p2.

In May 1998, Gerald Lester released software that permits Tcl socket programming with either the TGV or UCX protocol stacks. Gerald also explains the loadability of sharable extensions. Carlos Vidal has succeeded with Tcl 8.0p2 and UCX on OpenVMS 7.1, while Wolfgang Kechel makes his rendition of UCX-capable Tcl sockets available through FTP. Carlos has written a nice summary of his work with "Tcl/Tk/BLT/Tix on VMS".

There's a mailing list at <>, mentioned also in Arne Vajhoej's index.

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ProGIS Software apparently has a Tcl/Tk product for OpenVMS. I know nothing about it.

Cameron Laird's personal notes on OpenVMS-hosted Tcl/