Cameron Laird's personal notes on distributed computing with Tcl

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For several years in the mid-90s, Tcl was the preferred vehicle for experiments in what were often called "agent" applications. Java eliminated nearly all other languages of implementation in academic research in this area after about 1997 [comment on JavaSpaces, hype, ...].

I'm slowly cataloguing the work from that time. Among projects I know, and will eventually describe in more detail, are:

If one of these interests you, write me; it's possible I have more information I can retrieve, and I welcome the incentive to improve this page.

Thanks to Larry Virden and Kevin Kenny for help locating references.

Sam Aaron is working on a thesis project in 2001.

Berkeley CMT


The most recent work has been Frank Pilhofer's Tcl interface to MICO. Earlier projects included TclDii, a Tcl wrapper to the CORBA Dynamic Invocation Interface which permits simple Tcl scripting of the client side of the Orbix CORBA implementation. George Alm has re-implemented many of the same ideas as tcliop. The Dynamic Invocation Shell as it appears in the current distribution of Fresco is an alternative. CORBAScript [explain IDL Script, ...] is also an alternative, from a quite different approach.


Intelligent Spatial Agents





tkpvm scripts pvm


Cameron Laird's personal notes on distributed computing with Tcl/