Cameron Laird's personal notes on Tcl-savvy Web servers

I introduce the subject of "Tcl on the Web" in the first Tcl Counselor column.

I'm moving most of my new writing on this subject to a Wiki page.

Steve Ball now covers most of this territory in the greater depth his book affords.

[Explain connections to CGI (especially cgi.tcl and J.M.'s book) and FastCGI.]

Steve Ball writes authoritatively on server-side Tcl processing, and other applications of Tcl on the WWW. Also check out Steve's DHP.

Tony Darugar concisely compares the leading Tcl-savvy HTTP servers in a comp.lang.tcl posting.

Anyone interested in server-side Tcl is a candidate for use of the tclet plugin.

Now that the core of Tcl has so many HTTP capabilities, there's little interest in Scotty's http command.

[Explain lots of CGI stuff.] Don Libes has offered to edit a page on the topic. Certainly his cgi.tcl is the standard starting point for anyone using Tcl for CGI. [Ball, Uhler, Ivler, Libes, ...]
Laurent Demailly's neat samples of CGI programming
Jim Ivler (who has written an entire book on Tcl CGIing) recommends "uncgi as a ... powerful and fast parser". He has made "a generic tcl based forms-into-e-mail CGI program" available.

Cameron Laird's personal notes on Tcl-savvy Web servers/