Cameron Laird's personal guide to NeoWebScript

Flash! Late in 2000, NWS truly, truly moved to SourceForge.

Among other functions, this page will update the article which ran in March 1998.

To my surprise, I haven't yet noticed a pointer on the home page for NeoWebScript to NeoWebScript-SA; it certainly deserves publicity. NWS is based on 7.6p2 of Tcl, and 8.0 underlies NWS-SA (fall 1997). The latter is far more portable, as its independence from Apache makes it available under MacOS, Win*, and more.

I often refer to the index of NeoWebScript commands, and the detailed description of "subst format".

Both NeoSoft and Horace Vallas have prepared several demonstrations of NeoWebScript.

There are now several other Tcl-aware HTTP servers.

I'm a NWS user, not a NWS developer. I'm also independent of NeoSoft in my opinions of NWS.

[Explain library frustration.]

Cameron Laird's personal guide to NeoWebScript/