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Computer systems

I balance publishing projects with the work of our systems consultancy, Phaseit, Inc.


Alan Cox wrote in his diary for 3 September 1999 that "Writing books is too time intensive, too boring and too underpaid. Instead I'm doing magazine articles ..."

(credited) Book chapters

Magazine articles

One reader, both better-educated and earthier than I, characterized the items in this collection as "... pretty good -- short, readable, enticing, bullshit-free and accurate!" Many of these are co-authored. Note that the most recent ones appear first. Also note that some "articles" show up only as interviews, reviews, columns, and so on.

In April 2001, many of the older links suddenly became stale. I'm working to restore their usefulness. Feel free to write me if there's one in particular you want or need.

Late in 2011, among my regular outlets is the Software Quality Connection Software Quality sponsored by SmartBear Software. I'm also an MVB for DZone and ... [explain].


[Explain Tiplets.]


My only current column is "DevOps Deliveries". are all in hiatus. I'm also a Contributing Editor at Linux Magazine, a member of the Editors' Choice Awards Board for Linux Journal, moderate the Scripting Languages and Techniques and Future Computing Forums for, frequently conduct on-line interviews [bad link--probably will fix in August 2001] for the same bunch, and occasionally consult or edit with a few other periodicals.

Technical review of books

I'm an unusually active technical reviewer. In cases where authors have inspired particular loyalty, and where emergencies have demanded, I've written substantial chapters. Recent reviews include I also serve as a technical reviewer for several computer magazines.


I was once proud to be a TclBurn team member, but that era seems distant now.

Reviews of computing books


It's likely to be a while before I put my hands on accurate references to these. Among those which have only appeared in Usenet are a [explain later] ... EZ-RPC and Cleanroom ...

Reviews of computing products