Cameron Laird's personal notes on "Open Sources"

"Open Sources" is a monthly column I did for SW Expert. While the magazine was still in production--up to December 2001, that is [explain plans for future]--it maintained a good index to the archive (although the annotator sometimes reads different topics than I thought I wrote!). As that link appears to have become unreliable, I've started my own replacement:

Doug Pryor flattered and challenged me by closing his November 2000 editorial with a welcome to "Open Sources", which

... I think will be a rewarding exploration of open-source topics ranging from Web clients to servers, from application servers to operating systems--Linux, for example. He'll also take up issues important to the community, such as how to start a project, or how to contribute to and ongoing project, and so on.
I enthusiastically agree, of course, when he concludes, "If you have ideas for us, don't be shy."
Cameron Laird's personal notes on "Open Sources"/