Cameron Laird's index to the Fifth Tcl/Tk Workshop

Usenix sponsored the Fifth Tcl/Tk Workshop. As usual, Usenix also provides the definitive summary of the Workshop, in the "Conference Report" Peter Salus and Brian Bailey wrote for the October 1997 ;login.

John Ousterhout's home page includes the year-ahead development plan for Tcl he presented at the conference. Jeffrey Hobbs usefully and promptly captured the highlights (also available here) of the same presentation. Dr. Ousterhout explains SunScript's story in his own words in an announcement to comp.lang.tcl, and also writes for the Unix Review audience in What's New With Tcl?.

Program Co-Chair Brent Welch took notes on the conference, as did Larry Virden and David Beazley.

Larry Virden and Cameron Laird sponsored a poster which solicited opinions on what on-line resources Tcl users want.

Cameron Laird and Kathryn Soraiz reported on the Workshop for SunWorld Online. Apparently casual readers of the article were able to transform its headline into nightmares about infanticide that Sun was said to be committing against Tcl. During one of the many attempts to dispel these rumors, Jeffrey Hobbs tangentially but hilariously revealed to the masses this passage. Coincidentally, it explains better than the article the creative tensions facing Tcl and its community.

The SunWorld article did inspire one letter to the editor that I answered publicly.

Notes on other installments of the (approximately) annual Conference are also available.

Cameron Laird's index to the Fifth Tcl/Tk Workshop/