Cameron Laird's personal notes on the Annual Tcl Conferences

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Scriptics maintains pointers to some of the official information about the Conferences, as do Usenix [need refs here] and the Wiki (in more than one place).

Daniel McLeod explains the value of the tutorials for a newcomer to Tcl.

Second European Users Meeting

Rolf Ade supplies wonderful detail in his report to comp.lang.tcl. For more information, see the Wiki.

First European Users Meeting

Carsten Zerbst maintains the authoritative event Web page. Jeffrey did his usual helpful job of taking and distributing his notes. Andreas Kupries and Lindsay Marshall briefly summarize the event in postings to comp.lang.tcl.


Larry Virden nicely summarized the Austin conference for comp.lang.tcl. We also wrote up aspects for SunWorld Online.


For the Sixth Annual Tcl/Tk Conference (as Mark Diekhans summarized, "overall, a great conference"), Other observations: John gave the impression during his State of Tcl talk that DCOM stuff from Scriptics will be a "proprietary extension" and not open-source. Also, updates for Tcl Blend, Jacl, and the Plugin were announced, with perhaps less priority given the latter.
Cameron Laird's personal notes on the Annual Tcl Conferences/