Cameron Laird's personal notes on SNMP

More updates coming in mid-May 1999.

SNMP is an acronym for Simple Network Management Protocol.


FAQs and other resources


Simple Times is a great electronic a-periodical from which I learn a lot. In particuler, it sponsors the ideal one-page introduction to on-line resources.

My "Network Device Interrogation" explains SNMP for the working programmer and administrator.

Darin Davis is working on a guide to CMU SNMP.


An unofficial index to all IETF MIBs


SNMP Research International is a useful commercial site.

David Guerrero's Network Management & Monitoring with Linux nicely introduces SNMP.

Michael Lucas introduces SNMP for O'Reillynet.

SMI Network Management Private Enterprise Codes (prefix: [])

The IANA maintains a public repository of enterprise-specific MIB modules.

The RFCs, among which my favorites include


Commercial products

Freeware-ish toolkits



The TechNet CD for NT includes an IP service called snmptrap.exe. It is not a command line utility.

Software for accessing non-SNMP devices is called a "proxy".

SNMP allows only one agent per network interface. Bummer.

SNMP polling tends to saturate managed networks; RMON is an adjunct to SNMP which standardizes a response to this problem.

BER encoding rules define OIDs.

I'm looking at SNMPY for new projects.

What is an augmented table? SMIv2 gives the opportunity to express that one table shares row creation and deletion semantics with another, that is, it augments it. RFC 2578 elaborates this in sections 7.7, 7.8, and 7.8.1.

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