Cameron Laird's personal notes on network management

According to OSI, Network Management subsumes

Much of the information I've collected about network management I've organized with notes about the specific SNMP (standard for data network hosts, printers, and UPSs) and CMIP (favored by telcos) protocols. I also do my own low-level network programming and administration, mostly centered this decade around IP and Unix.

I'm currently working on a course called "Network Management with Scotty".

Explain Element Management Systems.

The Network Management Resource Database is outstanding, and still growing. Christine Gressley also has a fine network management jump table. is the standard public newsgroup. NetMan is a site explicitly in support of the newsgroup.

Project: Network Management

The Network Management Forum

Network management generally is considered in relation to system administration.

Picking the right NMS


an interesting book on network management with Tcl.

Cameron Laird's notes on network management/