Cameron Laird's personal notes on CMIP

The primary question: will anyone beside telcos ever care about CMIP?

A Guide to SNMP and CMIP

CMIP Run!, a periodical on network management

<> coded a CMIP agent in C++.

This is my paraphrase of a characterization written by someone whose name I haven't bothered to track down:

CMOT--CMIP over TCP/IP--has been deprecated (obsoleted) as a specification by the IETF. The replacement is generally known as CMIP over RFC1006. RFC1006 more generally describes how OSI applications (CMIP, FTAM, X.400, ...) run over a full TCP/IP stack. This approach uses the full upper layers of an OSI stack instead of CMOT's LPP (Lightweight Presentation Protocol, itself written by Marshall Rose).

All the CMIP-ing I have done has been through Scotty, although I want to try Webbin soon.

The Network Management Forum has a large book on SNMP-to-CMIP interoperation.

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