Binaries for Tcl/Tk of interest to Cameron Laird

In spring 2001, Tcl binaries have become surprisingly difficult to locate. This only heightens the importance of this page, of course. While I work to make time to bring this page current, I'll emphasize three points:

old page

This page is badly out-of-date. I aim to update it in September 1998. In the meantime, I urge Solaris and, more generally, Unix, users to visit general-purpose archives I index.

Stuff that costs cash



Many platforms

I'm fortunate to be only a hop away from one of the great Tcl archives [give ref]. Karl and company do a good job of mirroring the most up-to-date locations for such resources as the binaries for I continue to search for some extensions; of particular interest in network management are Scotty (which will receive a simple-minded Windows port, now that 7.5 is done) and Expect. Sun's Tcl group doesn't plan to bring expect into the core. I don't know what's involved there.


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