Cameron Laird's personal index to binary libraries for Unix

When I'm a system administrator, I sometimes want a publicly-available binary for a particular operating system. After years of desultory searches, I concluded there was no useful page of pointers to such resources. Now there is.

[Don't see archives for a particular OS? Write me; I'm still sorting through my notes, and it's possible I simply haven't yet written up what you're looking for.]

Is it safe to use freeware? I'll write more about this theme later; for now, enjoy Jon Udell's column on the subject.

Searchable index.

I've found that a particular convenience in working with Unix binaries is a handy copy of gzip. These are generally reliable [give version refs]:

[Mention VMS, ...]

Thanks to John Andrea, who forwarded me many of the references that now appear here.

Cameron Laird's index to publicly-available collections of Unix binaries/