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Contact me personally or through Phaseit, Inc.. I deliver an employment resume on request.

E-mail me for details on current projects.

Programming: software, stringing cable, ...

I have experience with a number of operating systems, languages, and protocols.

Software engineering technologies: life-cycle leadership; embedded languages; DBMS; process control; expert systems; CASE; configuration management; quality assurance; numerical methods; prediction and control theories; ...

Tools: a variety of desktop publishing packages, memory-usage and coverage tools, RDBMSs including Oracle-Informix-Ingres-..., Visio, ...

Proven professional capabilities: project management; budgeting; fault-tracking; finance; ...

Enterprise domains: process engineering simulation; (network) operations management; oil and gas exploration and production; scheduling; financial markets; bio-informatics; computer-assisted fault analysis; real estate; ...

Eventually I'll explain in this space my relation to expert systems.

I've also spent far more time than I expected becoming accomplished at system administration.

Management: peopleware, finance, and other strengths

[Explain theories.]

Professional activities


I've recently re-formatted my publication credits.


I'm on the Advisory Board for SunWorld Online, and a member of the Tcl Consortium, Python Software Activity, Usenix, and the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics.

Recent professional activity includes chairmanship of the Web Scripting Forum and participation in the "tools and languages" session of the Open Source Forum.

[Explain moderation for Tcl archives.]

One of the several benefits of Usenix/SAGE membership I enjoy is access to the online library. [Explain others]

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