Cameron Laird's personal notes on Tcl Blend

The purpose of this page is to update our profiles. We've written about Tcl Blend several times since then, including [...], "DeJong Juggles Java Projects", and "Java Q&A". The latter was edited quite a bit more than I expected, and I think rather lost track of the point I intended to make: Tcl Blend uniquely offers lightweight Java GUI scripting, and uniquely accesses Java and C objects in a convenient way. You're welcome also to read a complementary page on Jacl, and other articles we've written.

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John Reekie and Christopher Hylands prepared a tutorial on putting Tcl and Java together. Hylands summarizes the condition of Jacl and Tcl Blend as of September 1998, from an experienced user's viewpoint.

I think the new home for the Jacl & TclBlend Frequently Asked Questions and Jacl and Tcl Blend Download Page they found in February 2000 will be a more permanent one.

Tcl is superlative at the ease with which it "glues" together C-coded components. Thanks to Harald Kirsch for pointing out that it does even better with Java.

Christopher Hylands reviews Jacl news as of the Sixth Tcl/Tk Conference.

Cameron Laird's personal notes on Tcl Blend/