Phaseit, Inc.'s Tcl capabilities

Cameron Laird and other Phaseit team members have worked continuously on Tcl projects since the early '90s. Cameron, the 2003 Active Award winner of The Programmers' Choice for Tcl, has been a referee and class presenter for Usenix Tcl conferences, author of the Tcl Counselor column for ZDnet, originator of the award-winning FMM page, author of several score other articles and book chapters on Tcl, originator or contributor to such Tcl-related packages as WSDL4TCL, NeoWebScript, tcllib, TclXML, TclKit, TclLDAP, ..., charter member of the Tcl Consortium, and so on. Our recent publications give more background on this work.

Why do we do so much with Tcl? Several reasons combine to return large profits to those who invest in Tcl.

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