Cameron Laird's personal notes on examples of SVG effects

Much of my interest in SVG has to do with its potential to support interactive visualization. Much of what I code, therefore, involves view-time programmatic communication--between SVG and an embedding HTML, between different SVG instances, and so on. Among the examples likely to be meaningful to others are:

David Dailey publishes a number of useful examples, including ones on

Francis Hemsher's SVG Companion focuses on SVG methods, properties, and so on.

Tavmjong Bah has an interest in many of the same examples that I most need.

It's hard to communicate to civilians how powerful animation of text is--and remember, it's still text, available for selection, indexing, hyperlinks, ...

Miscellaneous stackoverflow items:

Flags of the world are available as SVG. This involves legal wrangling over intellectual property, especially copyright ('think the issues are obvious? Say that after you end up in the International Court of Justice; it's not so far-fetched). Wikipedia has SVG for many national flags. Kenneth Nellis hand-crafted his own versions, which he also rendered as flashcards.

These "overtaking cars" make a dramatic example of the great animation effects SMIL enables purely declaratively: there is no scripting in this display, only a single page of lucid SVG.

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