Cameron Laird's personal notes on HTML5

I've published several articles on HTML5 myself, including:

I also have a special focus on SVG; whether to regard SVG as part of, or distinct from, HTML5 is purely a matter of convention. [Also mention CSS3 and JavaScript.]

It's been interesting to see in 2011-2012 how many of my themes are showing up in Microsoft-supported publications, including:

Other noteworthy HTML5-related pages: offers tips and commentary on HTML5 at least weekly.

I expect to be hugely important. I'll write more about it in 2012.

Scott Fulton thinks deeply, as is his wont, about HTML5's essence (hint: don't expect today's CMSs or ECMSs to "get it").

An undertold story: mobile needs leaner sites, and HTML5 is part of the solution. Others write about "mobile first" [perhaps I'll provide references; I rant a bit in an article nominally about "enforced obsolescence"]. Even an article like "Improving the Mobile Experience with HTML5" doesn't mention at all HTML5's potential to make thriftier use of bandwidth. On yet another hand, advertisers could move their power-and-bandwidth-robbing trickiness from Flash to HTML5, and where would that leave us?

Cameron Laird's personal notes on HTML5/