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'Need to see the latest fixes in the source code for a particular open-source project? I often do. At times like that, I want the CVSROOT and password for the project. That's the point of this page. For more detailed information, follow the links on this page, or Cyclic's Free Software Products Using CVS; the latter complements the data here. Both of these point to the standard tutorials and introductions to CVS. Also noteworthy is Philip Greenspun's Using CVS for Web development; as with everything Philip writes, I recommend it, even though I don't agree with it. Note that the external commenters who appear at the tail of his article are astute and experienced.

I launched this page a few days before publication of our column introducing CVS to scripting language users.

Stephen Cameron covers much the same territory; he, also, has a page of Anonymous CVS Servers he has identified.

If you don't find a particular project or category here, just ask about it; chances are I simply haven't unpacked those notes yet.

Computer languages



The Perl core is not publicly accessible through CVS.




A detailed page on "Source Access Via CVS" is part of the official Python language site.

The Python for Windows extensions (COM, Win32, Pythonwin, Windows CE) are separately managed with



Scriptics maintains a full page of directions on use of its repository. Scriptics has a nice project-and-branch structure within its repository.

Data-management software


Cameron Laird's personal index to publicly-accessible CVS repositories/