Cameron Laird's personal notes on Perl

from the Republic of Perl

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Personal statement

Perl is the most theoretical language. Here's what I mean: Larry pushes this so far as to call Perl the only postmodern(ist) language (so far).

I like the O'Reilly essay on the importance of Perl.

Perl 5.0 is plenty object-orient-able through its package facility. See the perlref, perlobj, and perlbot document pages for examples.

Perl tutorials: Perl in Ten Minutes; Meet Perl; and Virtual Perl.



Nathan Torkington wrote a great "Lies We Tell".

On-line resources

Tops is, of course, The Perl Institute. A commercial perspective on most of the same material appears as the Programming Republic of Perl. Todd Hoff makes available a delightful page of Perl Resources and Reviews. Most important for the daily work of building useful applications, though, is CPAN.

A searchable perl 5.0 manual is now available.

The Perl Journal

I like Bob McMillan's interview with Tim O'Reilly and Larry.

We've recently written on MacPerl, Perl architectures, scripting Web applications, ...

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