Cameron Laird's personal notes on Scriptics Corporation

The principal purpose of this page is to amplify our SunWorld Online article on Scriptics, at the time of its launch, and the O'ReillyNetwork piece, on the occasion of its renaming. Of related interest: a review of TclPro Bryan Oakley and I wrote, summaries of the approximately-annual Tcl Conferences, and one of my attempts to understand Ajuba as a business.

The one line that elicited the most reaction from readers was our quote of the Scriptics Web page (since changed) which described the company as the first devoted to scripting. This characterization neglects

Amy Oringel profiled John.

In May 1999, John told me,

our two main messages are (a) that Tcl is uniquely great for integration applications and (b) we think that successful open source projects like Tcl are symbiotic with commercial ventures like Scriptics that provide additional tools, services, and extensions to meet the needsof mainstream commercial users.

A 1999 Computerworld article has interesting background information on incoming Scriptics CEO Tom Thomas.

[Sometime I intend to interview John Graham-Cumming.]

Cameron Laird's personal notes on Scriptics Corporation/