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HTML and other hypertexts

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Michael H. Kelsey both asks and answers the question, What Is HTML?. See also my page on SGML.

Why hypertext? Lance Detweiler explained the Joy of Text well in 1993 (?). Elliotte Rusty Harold gives an even livelier portrait of the Web's seductiveness in his "Whatever happened to ..." illustration. Mark Bernstein et al. point to a list of on-line references to hypertext theory.

I summarize my orientation to WWW: I published my first .html two months before I had an opportunity to exercise Mosaic. I'm rather character-based.

HTML references and tutorials

NCSA maintains the Primer, and has tutorials on forms, and CGI.


The meta-index.

John December makes a good impression, by supplying high-quality tutorial information.

HTML authoring aids

WebMaker is a FrameMaker to WWW tool.

Validation of hypertexts

My current favorite starting point for validating HTML source is Henry Churchyard's htmlchek. It is not based on a DTD for HTML, but it shows a lot of polish.

HalSoft's sgmls-based HTML Validation Toolkit is also a freely-available, thoughtful, multi-platform package.

Martijn Koster has published a guide to setting up sgmls for HTML.

MOMspider maintains hypertext documents.

WebTest includes a component to verify links, as do Checker, Perl-coded LinkCheck, and the painfully slow lvrfy. More modern--as of 1997--tools for link validation include Net.Mechanic and Dr. HTML.

WWW tools

robots. A robot implemented in TCL.



There are a number of ways to transform .html to .ps, among them Jan Karrman's Perl-scripted html2ps and ?'s DTD-based gf filtering system.


HyTime standard.

Good HTML style

Kyler says
The point I'd like to make is that non-mapped image buttons can be used as effectively as image maps, are compatible with non-imagemap and non-graphical browsers, and can be substantially more efficient (in terms of bandwidth usage) than multiple image maps.

Other-than-HTML hypertexts

HyperG, an alternative (?) to HTML, but one that is compatible (?) with WWW.

HyperTeX, an implementation of hypertext within TeX.



various stuff

Marc VanHeyningen's home page

demo of real-time imaging.

conditional HTMLizing.

SoftQuad justifiably identifies itself as the leading SGML and HTML consultancy.

Cameron Laird's index to HTML lore/claird@phaseit.net