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rec.arts.anime.stories This Australian HTTP archive is sorted by review author. An author index is available at this gopher archive in Colorado.

Russ Allbery maintains an archive of the best of alt.comics.lnh and rec.arts.comics.creative.

There is no complete archive for, but there certainly are interesting partial ones.

I know of no WWW site for rec.arts.erotica, but

The Louvre is an e-mail based server which exists solely for the purpose of the distribution of erotic literature as it appears on and rec.arts.erotica.
according to its information circular.

rec.arts.movies [UU.NET] This is a HURL archive.

I know of no archive for rec.arts.sf.fandom.





rec.arts.startrek.misc* (WAIS) (FTP) [] (FTP) []

I've found no explicit archive for rec.backcountry. I've had a number of inquiries about it.* [UU.NET] This is a HURL archive. []* Extraordinary devotion and accomplishment are apparent in this archive.

rec.gardens [Sunsite]
rec.gardens [Sunsite Japan]


rec.humor.funny []
rec.humor.funny []

rec.juggling [UU.NET]
rec.juggling [HAL.COM] This is quite a well-constructed archive--readable, efficient, inviting.



Rumor has it that there is an archive of rec.puzzles postings somewhere, but the FAQ maintainer for the group doesn't know of it. There is a massive archive of related materials, accessible through email, but not of the postings themselves. (FTP) (HTTP)

rec.skydiving (HTTP)
rec.skydiving (FTP)* This archive is frustrating. The r.s.b people generally are quite sober and careful, but the index to this archive is essentially useless. The only way I've found to use the archive is to download its entire contents, and search for particular articles locally. Grrr. Maintainer of this archive selects very few articles for inclusion.

rec.woodworking The maintainer of this archive selects very few articles for inclusion.
Notice that, though the first page still mentions only comp.sgi*, rec.woodworking archives also are available through the same interface at UCI.EDU.

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