Cameron Laird's personal notes on VNC

We profiled VNC for SunWorld Online in 1999. Rawn Shah, for whom I have considerable respect as an author, wrote us about the article to observe, among other points, that "I love the product. A must-have for any administrator of small or large networks." In fact, one deficiency of the article is that it doesn't make sufficiently clear how apt VNC is for helpdesk-style operations. Part of this is that VNC is not multi-user-friendly in the way that WinFrame, for example, is (Keith Ajmani wrote to emphasize the same point: "... NT ... is inherently single user"). As Rawn summarizes, "No real support for separate sessions ... Also no real management tools." I credit him also for pointing out that Wyse's Linux-based Xterms and WinTerms embed VNC.

Leaf recommends "Lotus SmartCam abilities" as a useful direction for VNC development. Phillip Lord rates VNC "[p]ossibly the most useful invention since the cat flap ..."

Chris Tyler introduces VNC to a Linux audience in his useful tutorial for Ext2, and David Bashaw does much of the same for PC Week reviewed VNC quite favorably in its 14 June 1999 issue; key words were "easy", "remarkable", "simple", and "flexible". I haven't figured out yet how to link to the article.

After the year 2000

Since that first article of ours in 1999, our interest has taken a couple of different directions:

[Explain Tarentella, Citrix, ...]

[Unpack other notes about VNC installations.]

Cameron Laird's personal notes on VNC/