Cameron Laird's personal notes on Qt

It's possible to script (a subset of) Qt, using either Python, Perl (sometimes available through an old home page or FTP site), Ruby, or Tcl. A "Regular Expressions" column updates these connections to September 2000.

"An Intro to Qt 3.0"; "Visual Development with Qt 3.0"

For a Tcl-centric view of Qt, see Wiki.

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O'Reilly has a book, and also profiles Matthias Kalle Dalheimer. Pjotr Prins lauds the book.

Boudewijn Rempt and I did a couple of pieces for SunWorld Online on PyQt, including a "Regular Expressions" column and a feature article in May 2000. We also collaborated on an introduction to Qt (note that reader Anjan Bacchu is quite right in suggesting that I should have mentioned Borland's Kylix as a high-profile example of Qt use), an argument in favor of Qt, and a review of Qt Designer for O'Reilly Network. Watch this space for news of several more articles scheduled to appear in summer 2000.

I like BeOpen's interview with Warwick Allison.

The QXt allows a single application to exploit widgets from both the Qt and Xt libraries.

Cameron Laird's personal notes on Qt/