Cameron Laird's personal notes on COM

COM is an acronym for "Component Object Model". Expect considerably more content in this space in the second half of 1999.

Home Page for Microsoft COM: COM, DCOM, COM+ Technologies

Don Box is tops. Everything he writes about COM is trustworthy. [Review books.]

I'm planning articles on DCOM for Unix (and elsewhere) in 1999 and 2000. Watch this space for pointers.

Much of what I know about COM is disappointing. David Shepherd launched a quite literate thread which aptly summarized real-life experience with COM. At a lower level, the annoyances I experience with COM include multiple ideas-that-might-have-sounded-good-but-sure-aren't-working-out:

The obvious technical competitor to COM (or perhaps DCOM) is CORBA. On the other hand, in late 1999 it appears that Microsoft might decide to abandon DCOM entirely in favor of SOAP [explain].

Cameron Laird's personal notes on COM/