Cameron Laird's personal notes on Knoppix

The first purpose of this page is to correct and enhance the "Knoppix gives bootable, one-disk Linux" article developerWorks ran in February 2003.

Thanks to Bill Eastman, Ville Herva, Chris Liechti, Robert Lindsay, Eaden McKee, and Gilles Pelletier for their help correcting that article.

One point the article failed to specify is Knoppix's "freshness". While I think I communicated the enthusiasm around Knoppix, and even its status as "platform", I didn't detail that new versions appear quite often, generally (as of 2003) every two weeks.

knx-hdinstall installs Knoppix on a hard disk.

Typical correspondence I've received has these phrases: "[specific hardware] didn't work automatically ... I sent Knopper the information, and [in the next version] it WORKED!"

Also recommended: Carla Schroder's "System recovery with Knoppix", which both emphasizes Knoppix's ability to serve as a "rescue disk" and readably explains the range of its other abilities.

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