Cameron Laird's personal notes on mission-critical Tcl applications

This page collects notes on serious uses of Tcl that aren't commercial products. I launched it with a frankly didactic intent: to demonstrate that Tcl is far from a "toy language", as it's sometimes dismissed.

An application doesn't have to be commercial, though, to be important. There are a number of reasons [explain them] well-written, reliable software might not be "shrink-wrapped".

I'm inclined to be inclusive in putting together this page. While I don't work with game software, for example, I recognize that even recreation can inspire good engineering. The examples below illustrate this.

[Distinguish from software in Larry's FAQs.]

submarines; Voyager; testing; consoles (AccessWare, NBC, observatories, E&P)

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Cameron Laird's notes on mission-critical Tcl applications/