Cameron Laird's personal notes on introspection in Python

In Usenet article <199803021544.KAA17164@eric.CNRI.Reston.Va.US>, Guido followed up
Good question. Python has a lot of introspection features but some of them are a bit haphazard and others are perhaps less-than-optimally documented.

(The key ones, of course, are so simple that you don't even think about them -- __dict__, __class__, __bases__, __name__, __file__, as well as locals(), globals(), vars(), dir(), type(), isinstance(), issubclass(), not to mention sys.modules.)

I've rarely felt the need to extract signatures from functions, but I can see that such a need exists in others.

Perhaps we can create a list of needed introspection features?

That's what this page is: "a list of needed introspection features". The initial question had to do with a function which reports a method's signature. Fred L. Drake, Jr., pointed out a number of features beyond those Guido mentions above, including: Other possibilities that come to mind quickly (disclaimer: I'm writing this list in creative mode; it's likely that several of them are already implemented, and I just haven't noticed it yet):
Cameron Laird's personal notes on introspection in Python/