In spring 2010, I spoke on "Python for .NET developers" at a monthly meeting of the HDLUG. The subject excites me enough that I put up this page afterward to collect related material.

I mentioned the meeting in Smart Development postings, including:

Among the recommendations I made during the meeting were:

My own presentation had far more enthusiasm than polish; to see IronPython at its best, look at Michael Foord's

Michael's far more ambitious than I. Also, he writes, "Reasons .NET programmers should be interested in IronPython even if they won't switch to it as a primary development language: Plus all the wonderful language features of Python of course."

Python originated from an academic project which targeted ease-of-acquisition; to illustrate the euphoria its concision and cleanliness inspires in many newcomers, I referred to this Python XKCD cartoon. My son, who programs (nearly?) exclusively in Java, framed this as a gift for me--certainly one of the more memorable I've received. The audience chuckled.

[Talk about IronPython-in-a-browser, Eagle, xkcd, the wiki page, ...]

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