Cameron Laird's personal notes on REBOL

We've written on REBOL for "Regular Expressions" in articles entitled "REBOL rolls forward" (September 2000), "Can your favorite scripting language take it to the next level?" (January 2000), "Let the REBOLlion Begin" (October 1999), and "New choices for scripting" (February 1999).

William Tanksley aptly characterizes REBOL:

Actually, I thought the nicest thing about it was its library support. I especially like how well thought out the libraries are -- they tend to make their own syntax appropriate to the problem at hand, so solutions drawn up using them tend to be rather transparent.
(Warning: this is the same William Tanksley who finds the idea of RPN with white-space dependence "yummy".)

REBOL issues which I'll eventually elaborate: garbage collection; commercial models; market penetration; porting strategy; documentation; memory footprint; ...

Carl Sassenrath wrote a "GUI designer" he calls layout in a single weekend in September 2000 (although he'll probably continue to refine it). Allen Kamp points out it's also accessible by

Using the View Test Panel, click REBOL.COM and it should be the first icon called "Layout"
It's a good demonstration of what REBOL/View can do.
Cameron Laird's personal notes on REBOL/