Computer languages for distributed processing

General-purpose languages with distributed constructs

Particular approaches to distributed computing that appeal to me include PVM, Linda and an object-oriented distributed language named Obliq. I've also begun to study the Legion, scheme-48, DP, BSP, Erlang, and O-Plan projects. Moreover, Annex E ("Distributed Systems") of the Ada95 specification defines such capabilities, so a validated Ada95 compiler with a validated Annex E is a possibility. Finally, I understand that NextStep's Objective C offers a simple distribution construct; I don't yet know what it is.


Also conducive to distribution of processing: FORTRAN, of course, and Taligent, Taos, Telescript from General Magic, Phantom, ...

Ada95 Ada (note in particular the enormous AdaBasis library), ...

In 1997, JavaSpaces have picked up where Linda left off.

Kyler Laird provides a slick service which delivers records from the DistProc mailing list.

Workers at the University of Wisconsin have developed Condor, which scavenges spare workstation cycles found on a LAN. Condor is in place at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research at Dubna University and the University of Michigan. Platform Computing's commercial LSF partitions jobs around a (perhaps transiently) dedicated network. UC Berkeley's NOW links Suns with very fast network connections. CESDIS has a project called Beowulf.

Client-server, peer-to-peer, ...

Agent technologies

... SmallTalk Agents, Safe-Tcl, ...

Distributed OSs

Plan9, Taos, ... Taos is an interesting case; it receives vanishingly little press, but correspondents tell me it's healthy and on the verge of major commitments from large end-users. Individuals who use it are enthusiastic.
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