Cameron Laird's personal notes on Forth

I like Forth a lot. I've used it only tiny amounts through the years, but have a great deal of affection for it.

Chuck Moore is alleged to have said,

The whole point of Forth was that you didn't write programs in Forth, you wrote vocabularies in Forth. When you devised an application you wrote a hundred words or so that discussed the application and you used those hundred words to write a one line definition to solve the application. It is not easy to find those hundred words, but they exist, they always exist.
Leo Brodie wrote it this way:
You shouldn't write any serious application in Forth; as a language it's simply not powerful enough. What you should do is write your own language in Forth (lexicons) to model your understanding of the problem, in which you elegantly describe its solution.


How to have fun with a Palm: run Neal Bridges' Quartus Forth on it. Neal Bridges in Toronto, Ont. has been developing an onboard Forth compliler for the Pilot for a while. People seem pretty well enthused about it and it is making converts to the Forth language and reattracting programmers who had given up on Forth. for infomation on Quartus for general information

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