Cameron Laird's personal notes on SMS

Telephony's short message service (SMS) is a medium that interests me. Not only is it useful in my own family life, I also rely on it professionally as a basis for automations.

Among the articles I've published that are available with no charge are:

An important fact: SMS is more likely to reach its recipient in a disaster than conventional voice cellular calls. HowStuffWorks provides a surprisingly-detailed explanation of other aspects of SMS.

Wes Biggs observes in February 2002 that "Like e-mail, SMS isn't sexy." Not only does that explain at least part of my comfort with it, his article also provides tips for SMS's potential. Note that many of the companies and specific technologies he describes did not survive the last decade.

Farther afield, I salute the innovations pioneered in Africa and elsewhere in the developing world based on SMS. [Document]

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Cameron Laird's personal notes on SMS/