Cameron Laird's personal notes on debugging Windows applications

While I'm generally cautious about use of "debug" at all, it strikes me right to have it in this title. This page aims to help Unix developers gain enough familiarity with pertinent technologies to be able to deliver Windows versions of their products.


Win98 and below freeze up often. I prefer WinNT for Phaseit's offices, and often test on WinXP maintained by colleagues.

VMWare is great. I don't currently have a copy licensed. I've begun to use Wine, with initially disappointing results. I think it can do a lot more for me.

While in principle Wine and Bochs and ... provide paths to hosting Win* under MacOS, I've given up on them all, at least for now. VirtualPC is a winner. I don't currently have an installation (broken drive, ...).


"Windows needs to know which symbols to export."


I rely often on gdb. Among its problems, though, are that Unix-centered to the point of hostility; for example, I have never located a reference at the home site even to the existence of Windows ports. I haven't cared enough to generate my own, so I just find what I can; the MinGW project generally has a good download available (just look for "gdb.exe" on the hyperlinked page).
Cameron Laird's personal notes on debugging Windows applications/