Cameron Laird's personal notes on FreeBSD

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Book Review: The Complete FreeBSD Typical mount-ings:

"[T]he very best way of getting help is to send email to"

Navigator 3.01 for BSDI is said to work on FreeBSD 2.2.x.

Genealogy: BSD/386 and BSD/OS are products put out by BSDI. FreeBSD is a free product from NetBSD, 386BSD and OpenBSD are free products. First was BSD4.x, then Net/2. 386BSD was a i386 port of Net/2. BSD/386 1.0 was a i386 port of Net/2. BSD/386 1.1 was a i386 port of BSD4.3 and Net/2. The 386BSD camp split off into FreeBSD and NetBSD; both are based on 4.4, as is BSD/OS, a descendant of NetBSD. Greg Lehey explains more.

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Cameron Laird's personal notes on FreeBSD/
Have you tried this more recently? I just brought the VFAT/FAT32 support for MSDOSFS into -current. Let me see. Umm No. Solaris has absolutely no problem reading or writing FAT16 partitons no matter where they are. It worked fine for me so I could share a little archive of Mp3s when I was dual booting Win95 and Sol 2.5.1. There are other (better) reasons to avoid Solaris for x86.