Cameron Laird's index to SGML resources

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Start with Lou Burnard's Gentle Introduction to SGML. Several of us, including Claude L. Bullard and Chet Ensign, have distributed one-lesson introductions to SGML.

Jeffrey McArthur occasionally works on a FAQ for comp.text.sgml, but has to this point inspired the c.t.s community to more heat than light. It will be a profound sign of health when we collectively shift our energies from philosophy to engineering; the objective correlative for that will be a FAQ that concerns itself with availability of software, both freely distributable and commercial, and other problems that admit solution, as opposed to negotiation. Joachim Schrod, in email, detailed such examples as

Robin Cover maintains a marvelous WWW guide to SGML.

Practical SGML, by Eric van Herwijnen, from Kluwer Academic Publishers, has lots of fans, despite its $70 retail price. It's said to be well written. I have reservations about it, which I might describe here at some point.


Eliot Kimber calls James Clark's SP a "really cool" new SGML parser.

Martijn Koster has published a guide to setting up sgmls for HTML.

The Whirlwind Guide to SGML Tools. There are a few mirrors for the Guide.

An index to SGML tools.

EBT has archived an interesting collection of their customers' work.

Dan Connolly keeps the latest version of his lexifier, destined for eventual integration into the W3C library, available to the public.

SGML Dialectics

What SGML means to me

What do I do with SGML? [Explain tools, standards, even performance.]


Why do SGMLians have a problem with WWWers? It largely aligns with the and other celebrated disputes. Erik Naggum posts often on the topic.

Special Topics


Len Bullard introduces HyTime.


What do FOSI, LPD, and DSSSL have to do with SGML? Bob Agnew and Erik Naggum explain some of this in articles they posted to comp.text.sgml.


SoftQuad justifiably identifies itself as the leading SGML and HTML consultancy.



[Take time to explain my views: hot lead vs. propeller heads; standards; platform independence, info management, and stylistic consistency; ...]
Cameron Laird's index to SGML resources/