Personal software engineering hot-list for Cameron Laird

Among the topics in software engineering that interest me are:


I am a big, BIG believer in reviews: reviews of source code, requirements analyses, design specifications, generation procedures, everything. Also, my impression is that most organizations will profit from application of more formal methods; among the ways I've expressed this is a review on a different notion of "cleanroom". The Boston SPIN gives a more conventional introduction to cleanroom engineering in its WWW page.

Anthony Finkelstein produces a Requirements Engineering Newsletter that I want to study more.



Explain RPC projects, ...

Among distributed processing middleware tools, the commercial EZ-RPC product looks like a success to me; it has clear goals, and it fulfills them intelligently.

Class libraries for RPC work are freely available from Citicorp and ACE.


Language implementation bears on interoperation in interesting ways.


Present RFD

Agents mailing list ...

Electronic Review of Computer Books


How do projects get done now? With C++, SmallTalk, NextStep, Forth, ... How will applications be network-savvy, object-oriented, multi-media, ... in the next generation (to the end of the millenium) of industrial deliveries? I don't know, but I'm educating myself about a variety of development environments (in the OS-and-language sense).


David Chang's The Beauty and Power of Unification.

Dick Botting's notes on SE, and Software Testing Laboratories' home page.

Eric S. Raymond's luminous The Cathedral and the Bazaar, on "a deliberate test of some surprising theories about software engineering suggested by the history of Linux." This reminds me, inevitably, of Richard Gabriel's "Worse Is Better" and Patterns of Software.

Formal methods

Jonathon Bowen has collected a virtual library on formal methods.

Configuration management

Joachim Schrod delightfully illustrates his structured approach to portability, literate programming, high-level implementation, and other desiderata with this snapshot of one of his small developments.

The autoconf manual intelligently motivates both the use and the avoidance of autoconf, imake, ...


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