Cameron Laird's personal notes on open-source markets

This page is about the "meat brokerages" where developers contract with those in need of software. More generally, I'm interested in novel collaborative arrangements.

The melancholy fact is that most of these organizations have gone out of business since I first wrote the page in 2000. While I make time to rewrite this to make it accurate, I leave the links, for their possible historical interest.

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Free Software Bazaar $50-100 US bounties


This is the one Exchange that appears to be healthy as 2003 closes. Launched in November 2003, opensourceXperts claimed almost 400 registered users at the beginning of December. Profiles of users are public.


I wrote "Behlendorf makes open source work for Java" for Gamelan. Wayne Caccamo, Brian Behlendorf, and Tim O'Reilly all played interesting roles in's founding.

A "Conversation with Brian Behlendorf & Wayne Caccomo on sourceXchange" is extremely valuable reading. Along with much else, Brian calls sXc, "the WD-40 for open source development".

[multi-person-week efforts? $5,000-80,000?]

Cameron Laird's personal notes on open-source markets/