Technology white papers prepared for O'Reilly & Associates

O'Reilly & Associates has assigned me to write "technology white papers" on These white papers are destined to be distributed on paper. The links above are to preliminary versions which O'Reilly has generously agreed to make available on-line. Understand, though, that the on-line versions are entirely my responsibility, and do not represent O'Reilly official policy.

Who should read these white papers? If you're a working software person, and want your boss to consider using an open-source technology like Apache or Samba, then the white papers are for you; their purpose is to present the technical and business realities in a way that will help your organization make good decisions about how and where to use them.

I also ask that those who already work with open-source products review the drafts for accuracy and clarity.

By the summer of 1999, I hope we'll be able to make hard copies of final versions available. Watch this space for news.

Cameron Laird's guide to ORA white papers/