Cameron Laird's personal notes on microscripting

As Heribert Dahms puts it,
Microscripting is where you "attach" code to a document - the code lives inside a document, rather than having a document live inside some code (like a CGI script).

Steve Ball, who has his own definition, most often uses the Tcl Web Server, although he also has a wrapper that allows him to use it from conventional CGI with SuiteSpot or comparable servers.

We think John Ousterhout first used the word.

I posted an example to comp.lang.tcl. Damian Cugley explains how the technique can powerfully improve the engineering of a site even when pages are served statically.

Microscripting is possible in many, MANY languages, including Perl, JavaScript, PHP, VBScript, Python, LISP, ...

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Cameron Laird's personal notes on microscripting/