I'll beef up this page in late 1995.

Adam Back's anti-ITAR explanations are great reading.

Kevin Savetz's Internet Press compendium is definitely the place to start to learn what's going on in the Wired world.

The people who are most serious about researching the net are at the Matrix Information and Directory Services

The Computer-Mediated Communication Studies Center have staked a claim as leading scholars of this field to the extent that the acronym CMC is widely recognized.

Stephen Doheny-Farina is a leading scholar on CMC.

Communications Research Centre of Canada

All known FAQs

Michael Hauben's Book of the Internet and Internic's Infoguide cover some of the history of the Net.

The alt.memetics manifesto is quite literate. The Memetics on the Internet index is outstanding.

Net scholarship I want to study more.

Cybernaut Rest Stop.

recent dissertation

Project Xanadu

Clear thinking from top German public official

My favorite version so far of Randal Schwartz' ordeal with Intel.

Notes on net.culture for Cameron Laird/claird@phaseit.net