Phaseit, Inc.



Software development, especially:

  • migration of brochureware Web sites to customized interactive Web applications, including design estimators, financial calculators, and purpose-built maps;

  • enterprise-class integration of legacy systems with new projects;

  • retrieval and repurposing of data from legacy software artifacts, including PDF and out-of-support database managers;

  • workflow automations, especially those with an emphasis on reporting results along with costs;

  • maintenance and enhancement of legacy industrial software;

  • construction of plugins for WordPress, Drupal, Plone, and other CMSs; and

  • scientific and engineering computations with a premium on reproducibility, ease of maintenance, and integration with other assets

Technical writing with an emphasis on reliability, security, and return-on-investment includes:

  • business-savvy white papers;

  • manuals;

  • articles and book chapters for trade and popular press;

  • engineering analyses; and

  • ghost-written articles and books in the areas of computers and technology.

Programming technologies include Python, SQL, HTML5, JavaScript, C, Tcl, Java, C++, Zope, PowerShell, SVG, PHP, C#, G2, Lua, Erlang, …

Affiliations with Internet Press Guild, Python Software Foundation, SVG Interest Group, open source software institute, and numerous local professional organizations.